This Corner 2 year anniversary

This Corner 2 year anniversary

This Corner is a community space based in Philadelphia specializing in home goods and hair services.

The past two years have felt like both a moment and a lifetime. COVID closed our doors right when we were gaining momentum, but with the help of our team and community we came back stronger than ever. We've made so many new friends along the way and you've all brought us into your homes by way of a water bottle, mug, or fresh haircut.

Our first client came into the shop on December 4, 2019. Since then, we’ve brought in brands from near and far, added new stylists and team members, and hopefully found a spot in your heart.

Two Years in Review


We secured our salon license and opened our doors to customers for the first time. In the beginning it was just Lee and Nozomi, and our shelves were pretty bare.

JUNE 2020

We teamed up with our friend Nick Massarelli and Envirototes to make the best tote bag ever, and also introduced our This Corner house.


We hosted Persimmon Coffee for the first of many pop-ups. Since then, we’ve become fast friends and drank many cups of coffee together.

MAY 2021

When it rains, it pours: we were looking for one stylist and instead found two. Kat & Nikole joined our team within a couple weeks of each other.


In the beginning of the summer, Lee started contacting mugmakers to participate in a mug-centric November. He ended up filling an entire wall of This Corner with one of a kind mugs and free coffee for lots of friends.

Events We Love to Remember

YUNS Pop-up

When we met Kelly Wright we knew we wanted to partner up immediately. She drove down to Philly and inspired our team to improve our toolboxes and sticktoitiveness.

Made by Hank

We found Katie Henry through our fellow salon friend, Namesake. She came with her collection of unique canvas crossbodies and smiley-faced bags.

The Big Favorite Extended Pop-up

One of This Corner’s cornerstones is providing products that are useful. We felt a kinship with Eleanor, whose brand uses a circular system to improve fashion’s lifecycle.



Lee & Nozomi started this shop back in 2019, but This Corner has a deep roster. Stylists, photographers, artists, designers, and neighbors have made This Corner what it is today. Meet our team and our This Corner extended universe.

Stylist 01

Nozomi is the co-owner and lead stylist of This Corner. She grew up in Torrance, CA and moved to New York in 2008 and then to Philly in 2015. She specializes in haircutting and likes working with short hair and long hair, curly and straight, and all ages. Since opening This Corner, she has been inspired by the community and the people of Philadelphia.

Stylist 02

Kat has been in the beauty industry for 18 years and recently came back to the East Coast after working in LA for 10 years as a salon, runway, and editorial stylist. When Kat is not at the shop, she’s with her two cats, traveling, collecting vinyls, reading, or adding tattoos.

Stylist 03

A native to the Philadelphia area, Nikole lives in the same cozy little neighborhood as This Corner. Discovering her passion for hair unlocked a deep love for many other creative outlets like film, books, coffee, and constantly (and restlessly) changing her living space at home.


While our stylists keep your hair looking right, our team in the shop keeps the shelves fresh and our message strong.


Shop Assistant and Marketing


Shop Assistant and Creative



Owner and Dad Joke Maker


Shop Cat

Fan Favorite Goods


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